How can UI/UX design strategically influence company success?

How can UI/UX design strategically influence company success?
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There are several aspects to consider, first of all depending on the type of business activity and relations. Among the cases when web and mobile UX design can significantly influence company performance, we could mention the following ones:

The company gets its profits via a digital product
In this case, UX/UI is definitely one of the core issues influencing the growth, progress, and success of the company. Thoughtful UX (logic, transitions, the flow of user journey and interactions) and effective UI (visual performance, typography, visual hierarchy, emotional appeal, and aesthetic satisfaction) lay the solid foundation for achieving business goals set behind the digital product and therefore profits of the company.

Why is that so? Because the UX/UI design:

  • Strengthens the brand image and enhances brand awareness
  • Enables users to solve their problems with the product demonstrating a high level of usability
  • Supports efficient sales funnel and educates a user about the product
  • Applies visual hierarchy to make navigation through the interface intuitive and in this way grows the level of conversion
  • Transforms the tone and voice of the product as well as a flow of interactions that are appropriate for a particular target audience.
  • As it was mentioned in the book Design for Business, the offer is the key. Design is an actionable and helpful tool in every stage of launching, presenting, and promoting the product, informing users about it, and selling it in a fast and easy way. Nevertheless, if the product is of poor quality, a successful design isn’t going to make it better. Think about the product and its user first, only then the design will give it the chance to beam at full.

    The company presents an e-commerce platform
    Obviously, the success of e-commerce activity depends on several factors among which:

  • Quality of the product or service offered
  • Quality of the content presenting the offer to customers
  • Quality of design for the electronic platform — website and/or mobile application — via which the sales are going to be delivered.
  • So, it’s easy to see that the UI/UX design part plays a vital role. Thoroughly thought-out logic and transitions, simple and clear micro-interactions, fast feedback from the system, attractive product presentation, easy payment flow, and plenty of other details and features can directly influence increasing profits for the business involved in such a popular e-commerce game. This is the field where designers and business experts can work as one team for good of everyone, first of all, the target users.

    The company uses digital tools and services for communication of its personnel and data analysis

    Nowadays there are more and more companies that use apps or websites for productive communication inside the team: some of them apply external stuff, while others create apps that correspond to their specific needs. In this case, UX again is a strategically important direction to invest time and money in: it enables employees to work more productively while managers analyze data in a fast and precise manner. These factors directly influence the rates of general profits and expenses of the company.

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